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Monday 25th June - Friday 29th June

For this week's homework,

1) please use the text map to learn the model text for our newspaper article. Can you pretend you're delivering the news and 'report' it to people at home.

2) practise the song for the school production (words are on the Year 6 page).

Thanks smiley

Friday 15th June - Friday 22nd June: 

School production: Please learn the words for our song for the school production (Hee-Haw). The words can be found on the Year 6 class page. Many thanks. Year 5 will be 18th century villagers / farmers this year. 


- There will be a 10 word revision spelling test on Monday. 

- Learn the text map for our model text based on the Three Little Pigs. Pretend you are a newsreader and present it to someone at home - the better you can do this, the better your writing will be. Have fun! 

TEXT MAP - paragraphs 1-4

Monday 11th June - Friday 5th June

Literacy: learn this week's spellings please. There will be a test on Friday. Complete Grammar Hammer 12 please. 

Numeracy: complete the Education City games (shape / nets / multiplication facts)


Monday 4th June - Friday 8th June

Spelling: learn to spell the homophones please. There will be a test on Friday. 

Literacy: write each homophone in a 'wow' sentence - show off all of your skills! We will be looking at these in class on Friday. 

Numeracy: complete the revision game on Education City. Complete ALL games please. 


Friday 18th May - Friday 25th May

Grammar: complete Grammar Hammer check 11. Research any questions you're not sure about please. 

Spelling: learn the words that you spelt incorrectly from the cold task (words ending with ibly / ably).

Numeracy: complete both Education City games - there are learn screens to help if you need them. 


10mm = 1cm / 100cm = 1m / 1000m = 1km

1000g = 1kg

1000ml = 1l (litre)



Friday 11th May - Friday 18th May

Spelling: 5 new words will be given on Monday after our 'cold task' spelling test. There will be a 'hot task' spelling test on Friday. 

Literacy: Grammar Hammer 10. Research any questions you're not sure about. 

Numeracy: There are a number of learn screens to watch which will explain converting decimals to fractions / percentages / decimal place value. If you're not sure, watch these to improve your knowledge. 

Complete 3 games. There is a BRONZE, SILVER or GOLD challenge. 

Collective worship / PHSE: how are you an 'earth keeper'? How can we help to control / limit the use of plastic? Our ideas: don't have a plastic straw with a drink / refill a water bottle from the tap / re-use shopping bags / choose products which use less plastic. Let's try and be 'earth keepers' together! smiley


Friday 4th May - Friday 11th May

Spelling: learn the next 5 Year 5/6 words from the cold task spelling test.

Literacy: Grammar Hammer 9 (please do not stick this in)

Numeracy: Fractions / decimals Education City games. Choose a challenge (Bronze, Silver or Gold). Complete 3 games please (you can do more if you want to!) 

smiley Have a lovely, long weekend! 

Monday 30th April - Friday 4th May

Spelling: learn the 5 'tious' words. 

Grammar: complete check 8 Grammar Hammer.

Numeracy: choose a Suduko challenge / times table challenge - how fast can you complete the grid?

Friday 20th April - Friday 27th April

Spelling: learn to spell the 'cious' words that you got wrong in the test. There are 2 Education City games for 'tious' and 'cious' words. 

Project allotment: research how to grow potatoes. We will be planting next week. Create a mini information text / fact file about potatoes. Use at least 5 examples of relative clauses (which, who, whose, that) and parenthesis (extra information in brackets) in your fact file. 

Numeracy: various Education City tasks have been set. 

Have fun! smiley


Friday 16th March - Friday 23rd March

Numeracy: go through your Assertive Mentoring sheets with someone at home please. A new Sumdog competition has started today - let's try and win! smiley

Writing: compete the relative clause assessment please. 

Reading: complete the reading activity on Education City. 

Spelling: spend some time as many days as possible learning the next 5 spellings (correspond - desperate). Ask someone to test you to see what you've remembered. 

Friday 9th March - Friday 16th March

Numeracy: complete at least 2 out of the 4 challenges on equivalent fractions. A is the easiest and C is the hardest. 

A: Fish with Manu    B: Choc a Block    C: Button Bashers

Spelling: play both games to revise spelling suffixes (cian, sion, tion / ful, less, ly). 

Writing: play the games to practice using commas correctly for embedded clauses / parenthesis. 

Friday 16th February - Friday 2nd March

Spelling: Learn the next 10 words (category to convenience). 

Reading target: 25 minutes daily reading engage time!

Computing: complete the online safefy colour code activity. Think about how online experiences make you and others feel. Please do not stick this in your book. 

Numeracy: Have fun completing the Sudoku puzzle. There's a choice of easy or challenging!

Friday 2nd February - Friday 9th February

Literacy:  this week is a reading focus. Our class reading average is 23 minutes. Can we get it up to 25?

Numeracy: spend as much time as you can practising your times tables to get them faster! We have our times tables challege next week. Play the games on Sumdog or use the link below. 

Friday 26th January - Friday 2nd February


- Please complete the Accelerated Reader survey. Link: Yr 5 / Accelerated Reader.

- There are a variety of games on Education City which cover a range of skills. 


- Revise statistics using the Education City games.

Friday 19th January - Friday 26th January

Spelling: Learn the next 5 words off the Yr 5/6 spelling list (available - bruise). Learn the spellings from last week if you did not do this. Revise plurals by playing the Education City games. 

Numeracy: go through your Assertive Mentoring sheets please. 



Friday 12th January - Friday 19th January.

Collective worship: discuss with someone at home whether you've been Christened or Baptised. Discuss why this happened and what it means to you and your family. 

Literacy: learn the text map for our persuasive text: "The Monstrous Mummy App". Practice saying the text and perform it at home for someone. 

Spelling: learn to spell the first 10 words from the Year 5/6 list (accomodate - attached). Remember highlighted words were correct in the test).

Numeracy: can you solve the magic square problems, and make your own! Some pupils have times tables as a target (anyone who is not scoring 110 in the times table challenge). I've set Education City games for these pupils which will last all term. 

Picture 1
Picture 1

Monday 8th January - Friday 12th January

Literacy: complete the sheet about co-ordinating and subordinating conjunctions. 

Numeracy: complete the place value activities on Education City. 


Friday 8th December - Friday 15th December

Numeracy: we are entered into the National Sumdog competition which starts today! Remember that accuracy is super important as you only have 1000 questions!

Spelling: the year 3/4 spelling test will be next Tuesday. 

Grammar: complete the Education City on relative clauses / relative pronouns. 

Friday 1st December - Friday 8th December


- continue to learn the spellings from the Year 3/4 list. There will be a test before Christmas and we'll be moving on to the Year 5/6 list after Christmas. 

- Plural revision (adding s / es / ies / changing y to i). Play the games on Education to revise making words plural. 

Numeracy: go through your Assertive Mentoring maths sheets please. 


Friday 24th November - Friday 1st December

Maths: take part in the SUMDOG competition. Answers the questions really carefully!

Literacy:  complete the Education City tasks please (verb-subject agreement / identify the subordinate clause (the clause that doesn't make sense by itself) / homophones / noun revision). 

Spelling: revise adding the suffix 'ible / able' (Education City). 

Friday 17th November - Friday 24th November

Numeracy: use the link to play the factors / multiples game. Challenge someone at home! If you want to play the 'biggest chain challenge', my score to beat is 39 smiley

Complete the Education City game on prime numbers (numbers with only 2 factors: itself and 1).

Literacy: complete the Grammar Hammer sheet please. Research any terms you're unsure about. 


Friday 10th November - Friday 17th November

Spelling: please practice and learn to spell the words from the Yr 3/4 list in column 3. 

Grammar: complete the Grammar Hammer task. These will be stuck into your literacy books. 

Numeracy: go through your assertive mentoring sheets. Practice / investigate any questions you got wrong. 

Times tables: spend some time playing the games on Education City / Sumdog to improve your times table challenge score. 

Friday 3rd November - Friday 10th November

Numeracy: complete the games on Education City for factors and x 10,100,1000. 

Spelling: complete the tasks for words ending in 'ible / able'. Practice the second column of the Year 3/4 words. 

Writing: complete the sentences using the given conjunctions (words that link 2 clauses). 



Monday 30th October - Friday 3rd November

Spelling / literacy: find the words with silent letters, practice any you can't spell and write each word in a sentence. Extra challenge: use a fronted adverb and a conjunction eg As the autumn sun set, the courageous knight fell off his horse and ended up in a knot, as a result he cried until sunrise. 

Geography:  draw your island on the grid; use symbols to add features and list where these are using 2, 4 or 6 figure grid references. Write your Eastings along the top of the grid, and the Northings down the right hand side. 

Numeracy: spend 30 minutes practicing your times tables on Education City or Sumdog. 

Half term homework:

Keep up the times table practice please. 

Complete your Christmas card art project. 

Happy half term! smiley

Friday 13th October - Friday 20th October

Spelling: complete the Education City tasks on 'ough' words and words with silent letters. 

Numeracy: complete the rounding games on Education City. 

Monday 9th October to Friday 13th October

Spelling: we have been learning the 'ough' letter string. Can you make your way around the word maze! There will be a spelling text on the first column of the Year 3/4 words on Friday. 

Writing:  we will be writing an information text about a fictional animal this week. Talk to someone at home about your animal and complete your planning grid. Can you remember the different ways to start a sentence? I can't wait to read your fact files!


Go through your Assertive Mentoring weekly challenges and discuss with someone at home where you've gone wrong. Can you correct any answers? 

Our times table scores are getting better and better! Keep practising using the games on Education City. 


Monday 2nd October to Friday 6th October

RE: complete the word search 'The Good Shepherd'. 

Numeracy: complete the sheet on ordering numbers. Choose A, B OR C. 

TIP: to find a halfway point, add the 2 numbers together and divide by 2. 

Literacy: spend 5-10 minutes each day practicing the Year 3/4 spellings - choose 5 more words. Test yourself on the words you learned last week to see if you can still spell them. 

Complete the activity for using it's (it is / it has) and its.

Friday 22nd September to Friday 29th September


1) Practice your times tables using the games on Education City. 

2) Complete the 'ordering numbers' challenge on Education City. There are 4 levels of challenge: numbers up to 999; numbers up to 999,999; numbers up to 1,000,000; and decimals with 3 decimal places. Choose your challenge!


1) Ensure that you are reading regularly at home. 

2) Spend ten minutes each day practicing the spellings from the Year 3/4 word list. 

3) Play the games on Education City to revise the use of apostrophes. 

Have fun smiley


Monday 11th September - Friday 15th September


Times tables are really important for success in maths. Practice your target times tables on Education City. These games will be available for the whole half term. Your target is to improve your score / time.

Don't forget that Sumdog is still working and and topmarks are great sites to use. Have fun! 



Friday 16th June - Friday 23rd June


Please revise for your science assessment using the games set on Education City. 

Friday 9th June - Friday 16th June

Reading: we are having a reading focus this week please. Our target is to have a 'daily reading engage time' of over 25 minutes on the Accelerated Reader program. 

Spelling: continue to learn the year 5/6 words. The final assessment will be this week. 


I have attached the arithmetic test 5 (answers are on the back page) so that you can mark your own. Make a note of the things you need to practice and ask someone to write some practice questions for you. 

- Go through your Assertive Mentoring sheets.

- We are entered into a Sumdog competition. LET'S SEE IF WE CAN WIN! (or at least, beat Year 4!) smiley

- For those of you who are very keen to practice a bit more, I've attached test 4 (this is optional). 


Monday 5th June to Friday 9th June

Literacy: please ensure that you have learned all of the spellings on the first 3 columns of the year 5/6 spelling list. End of year assessments will take place on the 2nd / 3rd weeks this half term. There will be a spelling test on these 54 words (accommodate - immediate). 

School production: please see the link. 

Numeracy: practice your arithmetic skills. See if you can get maximum marks! (Some pupils have problem solving activities).

Monday 22nd May to Friday 26th May

Numeracy: adding fractions / maths challenge (paper copy)

Literacy: using parenthesis (paper copy)

Friday 12th May to Friday 19th May

Numeracy:  answer the questions about fractions - choose A, B or C. There is a learn screen on Education City which will help you if you're not sure. (Some of you have Education City tasks). 

Literacy: complete the SPAG test please. 

Our assessment week will be the second week back after half term. 


Friday 5th May - Friday  12th May

Numeracy: go through the last 3 Assertive Mentoring sheets and have another go at any you 're not sure about. Research any terms you're unsure about. 

Spelling: learn the next 5 words (exaggerate / excellent / existence / explanation / familiar). Keep practicing any words from previous tests. 

Literacy: I have set a reading comprehension activity on Education City. 

Friday 28th April - Friday 5th May

Literacy / Geography: We will be using our geography research to write a non-chronological report about tornadoes. Tell someone at home what you've learned. I'm looking for you to show that you can use parenthesis - we'll practice in school first. 

I've set some revision games on Education City (using punctuation / possessive apostrophes).

Spelling: Learn the next 5 words (environment / equip / equipped / equipment / especially). 

Numeracy: Have a go at a maths test. Happy homework! smiley

April 25th - April 28th

Science focus: complete the activities on Education City (earth, sun and moon / reversible and irreversible changes).

Monday 3rd April - Friday 7th April

Literacy: use a conjunction to start a sentence - don't forget the comma! For an extra challenge, add an embedded clause or extra information in brackets (if you know how). 

Play the spelling game 'trapped' to revise plurals on the BBC revisewise site (spelling / grammar link). 

Numeracy: complete the task for square / cube numbers. Some of you might have a problem solving activity. 

Friday 27th March for next Friday please


- Grammar revision (clauses / word classes). Activities have been set on Education City. 

- Design the front cover for our Year 5 scary stories based on 'Tuesday'. 


- Go through your Assertive Mentoring maths sheets from the last 2 weeks. 

Friday 17th March to Friday 24th March


Revise the use of apostrophes - see the link in the 'Links' tab. 

Spelling: learn the next 5 Year 5/6 words: correspond / criticise / curiosity / definite / desperate. Play the spelling games in the links.


We are entered into the Sumdog competition which has started today! We've got until next Thursday smiley

Friday 10th March for Friday 17th March


I have set Education City games to revise shape and ordering numbers. 


I set have a variety of revision tasks: homophones, prefixes, using capital letters and word classes. smiley

Friday 3rd March for Friday 10th March


This week's literacy homework is to revise adverbials, subordinate clauses and conjunctions - all instructions are on the sheet. 


Please spend some time going through your Assertive Mentoring weekly challenges. 


Pupils will be bringing their homework books home for this week's tasks. Many thanks smiley

Half term homework

Pupils have written a story for the 500 words competition. They have taken a copy home this evening so that they can type it up and enter it into the competition. The closing date is Thursday 23rd February at 7pm. 

To submit your story, you can create your own profile, or alternatively:

Go to the site using the link below.

Login details: / password: teacher


Have a lovely half term smiley


Friday 10th February - Friday 17th February


Numeracy: I've set Education City tasks related to our next unit (2d and 3d shape / reflection / coordinates). 

Literacy: next week, we will be writing a scary story based on the book 'Tuesday'. This story will be entered into the BBC 500 words competition. Please discuss this at home and have a think about what your story will be about. You need to decide:

1) What will be flying through the air (remember the scary theme!)

2) What evidence will be left behind?

For example, keys could fly through the air. In the morning, the keys could be lying on the pavement and all the doors have been opened.

Spiders could fly through the air which leave web everywhere! Cats might be 'webbed' into trees / doors might be 'webbed' shut. 

Your story should have a scary theme, NOT a gory theme, so no body parts etc. 

Spelling: you should be able to spell 25/54 of the year 5/6 words now. If you can't, you need to practice these until you can spell them. We will be moving on to the next 5 words soon. 


Friday 3rd February to Friday 10th February 



Revision of prepositions / word classes / using root words to understand meanings. 



This week we have started looking at measures / converting. I've included learn screens to help if you're not sure.  I've also added a mental maths quiz to keep our brains challenged!

Facts you need to know:

1cm = 10mm                                         (Please note: some pupils might have been set slightly different tasks)

100cm = 1m

1000m = 1 km

1000g = 1kg

1000ml = 1L                                        Happy Homework! smiley



Monday 23rd January (for Friday 3rd February)


This week's homework last for 2 weeks. 

Maths: I've set Education City tasks which will help you learn new skills and practice the skills we've covered in class. 

Literacy: there is a reading focus for this homework (reading comprehension / using root words, prefixes and suffixes). 

Spelling: learn to spell the next 5 words on the list (competition / conscience / conscious / controversy / convenience). The Year 5/6 spelling list is in the 'Spelling' section of the Year 5 page. Ask someone to retest you on the first 20 words. 

Monday 16th January

All homework for this week has been set on Education City. There are a variety of tasks for both literacy and numeracy. Have fun!