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Children in Y4 should also aim to engage in quality reading time at home at least five times per week.  It is also essential that times tables are worked on and learned regularly.  Rapid recall of times tables facts up 12x12 greatly assists in many areas of the Numeracy curriculum.


Literacy and Numeracy homework will be set every Friday for completion by the following Wednesday or Thursday.  Additional topic, Science or research homework may also be set.


It is, however,  important to note that homework shouldn't be taking hours.  If there is any kind of issue at all then please do let me know as soon as possible.


Mr Redfern.


Updates & Homework

Friday 17th November - Due in Wednesday 22nd November or Thursday 23rd November

This week's Weekly Update and Homework information...



Friday 3rd November - Due in Wednesday 8th November or Thursday 9th November

This week's Weekly Update...

Friday 20th October - Due in Monday 30th October 


Mr Powell has set this week's homework and there's a Roman flavour to it all...


Year 4 - Homework activity

To be completed by Monday 30th October.

Find Find information on either Roman amphitheatres (for example, the Colosseum), aqueducts or any other Roman structure that may interinterest you.

Find Find out about how they were used, how they were built and who used them. You can include any other interesting information that you fyou find

You could:

  • Do a written piece of research;
  • Draw it; or
  • Make it.

We will be using this information in future lessons.


This week's Weekly Update...

Friday 13th October - Due in Wednesday 18th or Thursday 19th October

This week's Weekly Update...


Friday 6th October - Due in Wednesday 11th or Thursday 12th October


Homework is back! This week, Numeracy homework has been set on Education City to focus upon those all-important times tables facts.  A reminder that Y4 need to be able to instantly recall their times tables facts up to 12x12; it's going to take a lot of hard work and help but they can definitely get there.


Literacy homework will focus upon column 2 of the spelling list for a spelling quiz next Friday.  In addition, as part of our focus upon writing persuasively, I have given the children a passage of text containing gaps prior to most of the nouns.  The children will need to write with carefully chosen, positive and even boastful language choices to convince the reader of how great our school is!  This will need to be copied out neatly into homework books.  We'd be very grateful if you could emphasise the importance of neat, joined handwriting during this task to avoid bad habits creeping in smiley


This week's weekly update is below - take a read to see what we've been up to... 

Friday 22nd September 2017


This week, Numeracy homework has been set on Education City.. It is mainly based around negative numbers but there's also a x4 times table game.  Literacy homework is inside homework books.  Please also work on times tables and practice column 1 of the spellings list.


This week's weekly update is below - take a read to see what we've been up to... 

Friday 15th September 2017


Homework has been set for this week and is due in next Wednesday.  Please complete the activities set on Education City, work on times tables (particularly those times tables below x5) and learn the spellings from column 1.


Y4 now have their homework books and there's important information regarding homework detailed on the first page in addition to all Education City passwords.


Have a lovely weekend!


Mr Redfern

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