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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4! 

Year 4 News

Monday 21st May 2018 - Y4 Visit Lichfield Cathedral


Today, Y4 visited the wonderful setting of Lichfield Cathedral.  The inspiring cathedral played host to the annual "Inspire" event, where Y4, along with 6 other Y4 classes from across the county, got the opportunity to delve into various activities based on the theme of "journeys".  The class were split into 8 different groups and worked with children from the other schools in attendance.  It was a pleasure to see and hear their contributions along with witnessing how some of the "quieter" members of the class demonstrated their ability to calmly and quietly develop new links with other children in their groups.  The unprompted feedback from teachers from other schools was always positive!


Thanks to Mrs Ball for accompanying the class and to Y4 for conducting themselves excellently throughout

Wednesday 21st March 2018 - Science day in Y4 as we study the digestive system (with added mess!)


Year 4 were great today.  Really great.  The enthusiasm, learning and questioning on show was fantastic to see and work with as we spent the entire day getting to grips with understanding the digestive system.  We spent time learning about the organs involved and the function they served in the overall process of digestion, learned about peristalsis and villi and returned to our previous learning on the function of teeth.  Following all that, the class then tackled creating the digestive system! They were able to identify the need for each step, what every item involved represented and eventually ended up with waste matter!  It's always a slightly different kind of lesson, involving many technical words that I never thought I'd be discussing in a Y4 classroom, but if you're going to learn about something then you might as well learn about it well!


Well done Y4; you were mature, thoughtful and very enthusiastic!


Mr Redfern

Thursday 8th March 2018 - St John's Book Day in Y4.


There was a fantastic array of costumes and characters in class today, a wonderful effort made by so many!  The class engaged in some EXTREME reading and also played Guess the Character, made up of famous characters from a range of wonderful books.


A great morning in Y4!



Book Day Costumes, Characters and Fun!

Friday 1st December - Accelerated Reader Reward Day!


Friday 17th November - Roman Numeral Spotting


Year 4 are now so good at Roman Numerals, they can spot them everywhere AND read them accurately!  Thanks to Evie for wearing such an appropriate top today and to Daniel for the finger modelling!


Tuesday 3rd October


Today, Year 4 learned all about the dangers of SPAM e-mail during their computing lesson.  We talked about how lots of people have been tricked into handing over private information after they had received SPAM e-mails.  Year 4 then created their own e-mails.  Would they trick you?



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