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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!


And you are VERY welcome! Please feel free to come along and spend some time in our Year 6 classroom. Why not come to see what a maths lesson is like, or a writing lesson? It's a good idea to call the school first to check that we are doing a relevant lesson when you are available but, as a general rule, we follow the Year 6 timetable as given in the Year 6 information folder below. We look forward to seeing you...




Rollercoaster Success for St John's Year 6

Pride of St John's Parental Consent

As GPDR legislation came into force on 25th May 2018, we are no longer allowed to engrave pupils' names onto trophies etc without the consent of parents. As we do not wish to affect the surprise element of the Pride of St John's Awards Evening, we are asking the parents of ALL pupils invited to the ceremony to give their consent in the event that their child may be awarded an engraved trophy. Without parental consent, the pupil will still receive their shield or trophy but it will not be engraved with their name. Please only use this consent form if you have received a letter stating that your child has been invited to the awards ceremony. If you have received a letter, please reply to this email stating that you give consent for us to pass your child's name to the engravers so that the relevant shield or trophy can be engraved prior to the award evening. All other pupils invited to the awards ceremony will be awarded a teachers certificate. Many thanks for your help and support. Mr Clarke

Fitness Boot Camp - Wednesday 27th June 2018

Fitness Boot Camp - Wednesday 27th June 2018 1
Fitness Boot Camp - Year 6 had a FANTASTIC time at their Fitness Boot Camp today. The 40mins session was very kindly and ably led by Ms Taylor - HUGE thanks. Thanks too to Mr Redfern for organising the event. 
COSTUMES: We have discussed ideas for the costumes of all of the characters in the play so your child should have a good idea of what they need. Please rest assured that we are NOT expecting you to spend a great deal of money on costumes - the simplest costumes are often the best. I have reminded Y6 that charity shops are often an excellent place to start when looking for clothing to make up a costume. They can be inexpensive and very effective. Many thanks for your on-going support. Mr C

Midsummer Night's Dream - Cast 2018

Year 6 have been studying the work of Abstract Expressionist artist Jackson Pollock. We looked closely at Pollock's "drip paint" technique and created our own abstract canvases inspired by our emotions and our environment. Look at the beautiful "Galaxy" canvas created by Lewis! Well done Year 6!

Jackson Pollock "Drip Art" canvases by Year 6

We held our Easter Bonnet Parade in school today. A number of Year 6 pupils joined in with the festivities and looked fantastic. Well done Year 6. Happy Easter!
Picture 1


As part of our "Titanic" topic, Year 6 have designed their own Art Nouveau Stained-glass windows inspired by those aboard The Ship of Dreams. This beautiful artwork, designed by Anna, was chosen by Year 6 as the one artwork which showed evidence of all of the required skills:

a) To use a grid to ensure the best placement of all design elements

b) To create an image united by the use of symmetry, natural elements and controlled flowing lines

c) To use an effective but limited palette

d) To bind each coloured element with an outline of "lead".

e) To be inspired by images from Titanic and from the Art Nouveau period

f) To use the space provided effectively and inspire and engage the viewer.



Safer Internet Day - Wednesday 7th February 2018

Safer Internet Day - Wednesday 7th February 2018 1
Today is Safer Internet Day. Year 6 had a detailed discussion about how we can enjoy the internet whilst staying safe. Using the internet can be a very valuable experience and can spread a lot of joy and kindness if used responsibly. Year 6 made wristbands which bear a promise to use the internet to be kind or to do a kind deed. Why not ask them what they promised to do?
Reverend Steven and Reverend Michael came into Year 6 today to lead our Godly play with the story of The Good Shepherd. We also shared grapes and biscuits as part of our shared "communion".

Godly Play - 25th September 2017

Godly Play - 25th September 2017 1

NUMERACY - Shape enquiry.

Year 6 used these shape cards to produce a range of different shapes and patterns. During their discussions with their partners, they were able to use a huge amount of shape vocabulary and expand their knowledge of 2D shapes and their features. Well done Year 6.


Picture 1


Year 6 took part in the first of our Skip2bfit challenges today, and they all loved it. The challenge is to improve the amount of skips each child can do in 2 minutes over the next six weeks. Our highest scorer this time was Lewis with a remarkable 218 skips! Well done everybody.

Picture 1
As your child has probably told you, the casting has now been done for "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz". Your child will be bringing their script home with them today so that they can read it and begin to familiarise themselves with their character's lines over the half term holiday. There are no spare scripts so they need to take extra care not to damage or lose them. Your child can neatly highlight their character's lines as they go through the script, if that helps them. Thanks 
What a GREAT time we had at the school's Intra-sports Championships today. Year 6 LOVED it! Thank you to Mr Redfern and Mr Johnson for all their hard work and to the Year 5 and Year 4 squad members. The Year 6 winning team was...Willow! Well done.

Take a look at this excellent artwork by budding Year 6 artist, Gabriel. Well done Gabe.