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Accelerated Reader


Information for Parents - How it works:

Pupils take a STAR Reader online assessment every half term which gives pupils a book range most suited to their needs (ZPD). Pupils are free to select any book they wish from this level.  


On completion of the book, children will take an online quiz at school.  Our school benchmark for success is an 85% average.  Updates for your child's reading progress will be given via text or their reading record. 


Reading Engaged Time Per Day

The program calculates how long each pupil is reading each day using the number of words in the book (word count) and the time taken between each quiz.  Our target is for an engaged time of 25 minutes per day - some of this will be done in school but regular, quality home reading is essential in order for this important target to be reached.


I'm encouraging pupils to read as regularly as possible. They will give their reading records in if they've read and I will sign them - they will get a team point for reading. I will let you know if your child is not giving in their reading record. Please sign their reading record, or feel free to write any notes / messages in there.



To increase success rates, you can ask your child to tell you about the story they are reading and discuss any new vocabulary with them.


If all pupils read regularly and reach the target reading time and quiz pass rate, the class will achieve 'master class' status. We will aim to acheive this. 


COVID-19: Books that have been read will be placed in a box for 72 hours before being returned to the library.