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Day 1

Maths - Day 1

Let's begin our Maths lesson in our usual way - with a problem to solve There's no need to print anything off, you can look at your scree and complete the work on paper.


Problem of the Day

Visit the NRICH website (Mr Redfern - a brilliant place to improve your problem solving skills, by the way!) by clicking on the logo below and tackle the "Square of Numbers" problem.  All instructions are provided and solutions are provided in the top left of the page.  Enjoy!



Daily Count

Ok, so you've cracked that problem- well done!   Now, we need to complete our "Daily Count". Today, we'll be looking at the x7 times table.  Complete the x7 multiplication tables activities by clicking on the logo below.



Main Activity of the Day

Today, we'll be revising negative numbers.  View the powerpoint below to remind yourself all about them (if you need to) and then complete the activities.  Finally, mark your work using the answer sheet provided and work on any of your mistakes. Remember, mistakes are really important as they help us to know where we need to improve.


Tip - Use the negative number line provided to help if you get a little stuck.

Reading - Day 1

Today's activity uses a picture prompt; study it closely and answer the questions.

English. - Day 1

Today's English lesson will involve us revising expanded noun phrases.  Work through the powerpoint and then complete the activity sheet.