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Friday 3rd April - Friday 17th April


PE - Joe Wicks LIVE


It's important to stay active, fit and healthy - even during what would usually be holiday. time!  Your essential daily dose of activity! ---> Click for Joe Wicks' Daily PE Session




If you want to, you can complete week 3 of the Maths lessons by clicking here or here.  Alternatively, why not try one of these activities over the Easter period?  


White Rose - Baking Activity


White Rose - Card Games



Mrs Shann has set us all a fantastic competition to enter!  She'd like us all to design and write about our own idea for a circus act.  Now, Y4 have had a lot of good practice with this as one of our writing opportunities from our class book 'Leon and the Place Between' was to design the next act that would perform after the jugglers.  


We need to remember how to create suspense (will the stage be in darkness? how will the audience be feeling as they prepare for the next act? will there be music building in the background?), how to introduce our act (could you use onomatopoeia?) and how to describe our act with all of our wonderful writing skills.  Mrs Shann would like us to include all of the skills for Y3 AND Y4.


I have completed a success criteria to help with writing below and have split it into our usual Bronze, Silver and Gold challenges.  please remember to send all writing into me when you've completed it (you don't have to type it up).


Find Mrs Shann's Circus Challenge Here


Find the Y4 Success Criteria for the Writing Challenge Here.



Please try to keep up with and stay in the habit of doing daily, quality reading.



Log in to Education City and access the Learn Screen on switches.  Afterwards, complete the activity.



During these confusing times, our NHS (Nurses, Doctors, Cleaners, Paramedics, Hospital workers) are performing a fantastic job.  If you get the chance to do so, visit the Lichfield Cathedral website with a parent to write a prayer for them.


Creative - Enjoy playing in your garden or going for a walk with your family.