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Home Learning

Week beginning 25th May- Half Term

I will not be setting any work this half term to give you and your children a well deserved break. If you wish to, please continue to practise your times tables (TTRockstars), taking your Accelerated Reader quizzes and finishing off any work from previous weeks.  Thank you to Mrs Williams who has recommended Why not give it a go? Best wishes to you all and take care. 

Week beginning 18th May 2020

I hope you are all well and keeping up with your home learning. Please continue practising your times tables, reading quizzes and spellings. 


Spelling - look at the list of words from last week. Did you find out:

1). if the root word ends with a y, you change it to an i then add ly?

2). if a word ends in le, you change it to ly?

3). if a root word ends with ic then ally is added rather than just ly?

Well done if you did. Your spelling activity this week is to write sentences with words ending ly in them. 

Please continue to use the Marshmallow planning (link below) for lessons or visit BBC Bitesize for their daily lessons. 

Reading activity -see the link below. 


This week we will focus on measuring the perimeter of 2D shapes. Why not try measuring the perimeter of your garden? See the links below. Unfortunately, Whiterose maths have stopped allowing free access to their worksheets, although you can still access their videos. Luckily, Mr Redfern has created a link to the worksheets on the 'home learning page'. Please scroll down to the gold star to access the worksheets. 


This week we will continue our work on Mighty Mountains. Our focus will be volcanoes. See the link below. 


Please click on the link below and select body. 


Please follow the link from last week and select lesson 2 on footwork patterns. You can also access a link to School Games on our P.E and Sports News page under Parents for competition challenges to take part in.

PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) - this week is Mental Health Awareness week. During Covid 19 we have seen many selfless acts of kindness and BBC Newsround tells us how kindness benefits us all. Please see the link below. 


Week beginning 11th May 2020

English - please continue to do your Accelerated Reading quizzes and practising your spellings. 

Spelling - read the words below. Add the suffix ly. Discuss how the words are spelt.

quick   nice   late   gentle   simple   humble   funny   lucky   frantic   basic  dramatic 

Please continue to follow the Marshmallow planning (see the link below) or take part in the BBC Bitesize daily lessons (link below).

Mathematics - this week we will focus on measurement. Work has been set on Education City. 

Geography - See the link below to learn about what is under our feet. 

French - see the link to French Games below. Please select family on the website.

Art - Hokusai was a famous Japanese artist. Take a look at examples of his work below. What colours does he use? What is the mountain he includes in his pictures? Are there people in the pictures? What are they doing? What sounds might you hear if you were in the pictures? 

P.E - improve your agility, ball skills and accuracy. Click this link for Lesson 1 --> Lesson 1

Week beginning 4th May 2020

English - please continue with your accelerated reading quizzes and practising your spellings. 

  • Spelling dictation: Please read out loud the sentences below to your child asking them to write it down. Any words they get wrong, ask them to 'Quickwrite' them (write it correctly once then count how many times they can write it in 30 seconds).

1). He hops, skips and smiles on his way to school. 

2). I am hoping that when Jo hopped she didn't hurt her knee.

3). We are phoning the school and stopping the sharing of lollies.

  • Please continue with the planning for Marshmallow from previous weeks (see the link below) or take part in the BBC Bitesize daily lessons (see link from last week).

Mathematics - continue to practise your times tables. Please complete the work on time set on Education City 28th April 2020. First do the Learn Screens, then the activity then the worksheet. Please don't feel you have to print each work sheet-it can be shown on the screen and written in your work books. For those who have finished their work on time (well done), please complete the work set on Education City with a focus on angles and lines. 

Geography - This week, we are looking at the use of mountain environments. Please see the links below.

French - revision of numbers to 20. Click on the link below. 

Art- Arm Doodling. See the link below.

Art Arm Doodling

Physical Education


A signed message from Myla-Rae

Still image for this video

An animation from Sophia.

Still image for this video
Sophia must have spent hours making this animation using Stop Motion. A testament to her patience.Fantastic work, Sophia.

Story time with the Tethers.

Still image for this video
Watch the Tether family on their super journey through the story.

A Fact File on Flamingos from Myla -Rae

A brilliant book review from Myla-Rae. Thank you.

Women in History by Myla-Rae