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Home Learning Resource Bank

Home Learning Resource Bank

Should your child be isolating or off school this year, and if they are well enough to complete work, this page will provide him/her with work in the core subjects for the first day or two of their absence.

Should your child then be off school for any further period of time, please contact Mr Price by email: and further work and instructions will be sent through via email at the completion of every school day, ready for the next day.


Should the entire Year 1 class be shut/closed then work will be set using the Padlet website: If you click the link you will be taken to our Year 1 Padlet Page -


Thank you

Our topic this half-term has changed to...

The Great Fire of London

During our work on the topic, we'll be finding the answers to these questions:

How did the fire start?

Why did it spread so quickly?

How did the fire get put out?

What was London like in 1666?

What changed after the fire?


During this topic, we'll be learning about:

Primary and Secondary sources

Eye-witness recounts

The timeline of The Great Fire


And much more....

We have completed Phase 4 and are now moving onto Phase 5 of the Letters and Sounds Phonics scheme.

The new sounds in this phase (see below) are a range of new alternative graphemes for sounds we learnt in Phase 3

They are taught in the order they are shown above. Starting on the top line and working across from left to right.


Please play some of the Phase 4 and Phase 5 games on Phonics play and have a go at the worksheets I have uploaded below.

Phase 4 Phonics Mats 1-5

There are a wide range of phonics games that children are very familiar with.  Although some of these games are subscription only the most useful and popular ones are free to access.  It's a great way to practice Phonics at home.


Please click on the Phase 3Phase 4 or Phase 5 options when on the games.



Top Marks Maths 

There' s a huge range of Maths activities covering all areas of the Maths Curriculum and will provide any member of Year 1 with an opportunity to practice, develop and improve their Maths skills.