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Spring Term 2021


Well this isn't the start to the new year we were hoping to have Year 2! We hope you are all well and managed to enjoy yourselves over the Christmas break. We have included some resources here to get you started back on your home learning journey. 


From tomorrow (5th January) we will be uploading your home learning tasks to our class 'Padlet' page daily. You will be able to access teaching videos and activities to keep you busy from the 6th January from there. You will also be able to add comments so we will be able to see how you are getting on. The page is password protected so a password will be sent via text to parents. The link to Year 2's 'Padlet' page is below. 


Click here to access Year 2's 'Padlet' page of Home Learning Tasks.


Don't forget - You can email us if you require any assistance or support with home learning tasks.



Below we have attached a link to a maths workbook full of addition and subtraction activities that consolidate the work we did in class before we finished for Christmas. You can either print off the activities or work from the screen,  recording your work on a piece of paper. Remember to think about our work on related facts (using what we know to help with new learning e.g. 3 + 4 = 7 so 30 + 40 = 70) or try drawing the tens and ones to support you with your calculations.



Last term we revised all the phase 5 sounds. Can you still remember them? Below we have attached some activities to consolidate last terms learning. If you don't have a printer write the words to match the pictures on a blank piece of paper. For the sentence activities, write down the spelling of the word you think is correct. 



We'd love to know what you got up to on Christmas day. Please write a recount of your day. Did you wake up early? What presents did you get? How did you spend your day? Did you manage to have any visitors? Remember to write about the events in the order they happened. Try to use words like... first, next, after that, later on, in the evening etcto start some of your sentences. Don't forget to start each of your sentences with a capital letter and end each sentence with a . or ! We have attached a writing frame to print off and use or you could just just use a piece of plain or lined paper and decorate it yourself.



This term we will be learning all about 'Hot & Cold' places. Click on the picture below to learn all about one of the coldest places on planet Earth.