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15th October 2020

Homework has been set on Education City this week. 

Spelling - follow up activity to classwork on words containing the ough letter pattern. 

Mathematics - revision of negative numbers.

Science - definition of word used to explain gravity. 

Homework is sent home on Thursdays and may be completed/handed in any time before the following Thursday.

Weekly tasks include learning spellings, ICT maths challenges (for example TT Rockstars, Education city) and daily reading.

In addition, there will be something to practise from current lessons in English or maths, Topic, language or Science.

Team points are given for all homework completed and handed in on time.


Thursday 24th September 2020

Spellings - although, though, tough, bough, through, thought, brought, bought, dough, bough. The children will be tested next week. 

Mathematics has been set on Education City this week.

English has been set on Education City this week. 

Topic - we have been learning about the Ancient Greeks. Can you write a secret message using the Greek alphabet?

Thursday 8th October 2020

Please continue to read for at least 20 minutes each day and have your reading record signed by a parent/carer each time you read. Now you are in Year 5, all times tables to 12 x 12 should be known. Please continue to regularly access TT Rockstars to ensure you have quick recall and understanding of all the table facts.

Spelling: Please practise your spelling little and often using the techniques you have learned at school. Words are: various, woman, women, weight, surprise, suppose, straight and special. 

Grammar: Please complete the grammar sheet. If you are unsure of any term try researching them. We will mark this together at school. 

Maths: Please complete the worksheet on finding 100/1000 more and placing numbers accurately on a number line. Both activities have been taught in class so should be a breeze. 

PSHE: This Friday is World Mental Health Day. Acts of kindness not only improve our own well being but that of others too. Your task is to keep a diary of daily acts of kindness you do over the next week. Here are some ideas: tidy your room, put the washing away, set the table, wash the car... The list is endless! 

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