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Homework Information

Children in Y4 should also aim to engage in quality reading time at home at least five times per week.  It is also essential that times tables are worked on and learned regularly. Rapid recall of times tables facts up 12x12 greatly assists in many areas of the Maths curriculum but learning and understanding the facts and relationships thoroughly should always be the priority over mere fact recall.

Homework will be set on Friday for the following Friday please. Homework shouldn't be taking hours, so if there is any kind of issue at all, please do let me know as soon as possible.

Every Friday I will send updates regarding homework - texts will be sent for those who have done exceptionally well, and I will let you know if any pupils have not completed set tasks. 

Many thanks. Mrs Stone


Click here for online safety advice for parents. 


Class Reading Engage time: 31 mins (target 25 mins) smiley

Average quiz pass rate: 90.5% (target 85%) smiley

Friday 18th September - Friday 25th September

Spelling: Please focus on the next set of words from the Year 3/4 list. Pupils should be aware of which words they need to practice (believe, bicycle, breath, breathe, build, busy, business, calendar). Remember to use the strategies we've used in class (look, say cover, write, check / speed write, highlight the tricky bit, say it like it's spelt). 

Reading: Remember to keep up with the reading! 25 minutes a day is our target. You're all doing a great job so keep up the great work!

Play the game on Education City to practice finding the evidence in the text - remember to search for key words from the question to find the answers. 

Times Tables: This is a real focus area for Year 4 as government guidelines recommend that all times tables (up to 12 x 12) are known with good recall by the summer term. Spend at least 30 minutes practising your target times table games on Education City. If you want some extra practice, click here for more games. 

Maths: We have been revising numbers to 1000. Play the games on Education City to make sure you are confident with representing numbers to 1000 (Hip To Be Square / The Umpire Strikes Back / The Scampi Happening). 

History: We've talked about chronlogical order this week and created our own timelines. Talk at home about significant events which have happened over your life and any that have happened before you were born. Perhaps you could draw a new timeline - think about the distance between each event and how this can be shown on your timeline. 

Friday 11th September for Friday 18th September:

Reading: What a great improvement with Accelerated Reader this week! I'm very proud of you all! smiley

Keep up the reading at home with at least 25 minutes each day. 

Spelling: There will be a hot task next Friday for the first 8 words from the Yr 3/4 list (accident, accidentally, actual, actually, address, answer, appear, arrive). Remember that little and often works best when learning spellings - use the strategies we went over in class: look, say cover, write, check / say it like it's spelt / highlight the tricky bit / speedwrite. Try and join your handwriting as this will help your brain remember the pattern of the word. 

If you can spell these words, show you understand their meaning by writing them in a sentence. 

Grammar: complete the tasks which have been set on The focus is pronouns and paragraphs. Watch this clip to find out about pronouns. 

Maths: We need a big focus on our times tables so that we can say the answers as quickly as possible. Practise your target times table on Education City. 

For Friday 11th September

Usually homework will be set on a Friday for the following Friday.

Spelling: pupils have completed a 'cold task' spelling test in their HW books so that they can see which words we need to focus on. We have discussed and practised strategies for learning spellings - little and often is best! There will be a 'hot task' (retest) spelling test on Fridays of the same words. 

Grammar: pupils have been set a task on which is optional for this week. Their login details are in their HW books and reading records. 

Maths: play the times table games so that we can improve our 'times table challenge' times! 

Have fun! :) 


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