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It's Virtual Sports Day time!

Click on one of the links below to learn what you need to do and how to enter each of our 5 events across 5 Virtual Sports Days!

Your Virtual Sports Day Pictures


The Potteries Orienteering Club

The Potteries Orienteering Club have creating a range of MapRun courses in parks around the city and local area. MapRuns are a fun way to keep fit and develop your orienteering skills.

Click on the image below to go to The Potteries Orienteering Club's MapRun Challenge 2020 page.


There you can learn more about how to take part and download their orienteering maps on paper or to your phone.



Stay at Home...and Still Represent St John's!



The outdoor school sporting calendar may be on pause right now but that doesn't mean you still can't represent St John's in sporting competition.  Our local School Games organiser Miss Harp has organised virtual competitions for the Staffordshire Moorlands area and this week's is...Speed Bounce!


Watch the video below and then visit the website to complete the form, enter your score and compete for St John's.  You could even film your attempt and ask your adult to send it into your teacher.  If your name gets mentioned in the weekly report, you'll earn a special certificate that we'll send your way.


Give it a go - stay home, stay active!


School Sports Game Virtual Sports Hall Competition - Number 5: Balance Challenge

Watch the video explaining the activity and then fill in the form below to enter the competition.

Watch the video below to see the balance you are going to do (first balance).
Find something you can balance on your head (soft toy, pair of socks etc).
You are going to time how long you can stay in that balance with an object on your head.
Time stops when either the object falls off your head or you put two feet on the floor.
The longer you can balance the more points you gain.
Record your best score below.
Only one entry per person, closing day Tuesday 4pm.

Last Week's Speed Bounce Results


The results for last week's School Games competition have been released.  Well done to all who entered!  Did your score make these lists?


_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Active Monopoly Board

If you're keen to keep fit and fancy a bit of fun with the family.

Why not have a go at a game of Active Monopoly.

Click on the document below for a PDF printable version of the board.