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Prospectus & Vision & Values

St John's Vision and Values 


At St John’s, we think carefully about our school vision and the values that we consider to be important in our school and wider school community. During 2018-2019 each class took part in reviewing the school’s values and pupils decided it was time for a change. New values were chosen and, to help pupils decide which values were most important to them, they considered which values they would like to see in a friend. Once all of the new values had been chosen, Year 6 worked hard to create a new vision statement which reflected the new values and the school. They worked very hard to do this, considering carefully what they wanted to say about our school and pupils.










Vision Statement

Truthfulness creates friendship,

Courage creates perseverance,

Compassion creates generosity.

All of these make our school.


Vision Motto

Every Challenge Met Together

This has been chosen because there is strong evidence of the school (pupils, staff and wider school community) coming together to meet and overcome a variety of challenges. This evidence is historic as well as recent. There is evidence of the school community coming together to meet a wide range of challenges over a recent years as well as recent months. This motto has also been chosen because, moving forwards, it is the intension of the school leadership team that every challenge that pupils, staff or the school as a whole meet in the future, support will be provided so that challenge can be met and overcome.



Our values are the focus for our collective worship in school and we will focus on one per half term, to support the pupils in really understanding the value in full. Class collective worship will follow up themes from whole school worship through activities and through discussion around applying specific values to current local, national or international events. Parents are encouraged to discuss values with pupils at home.

Values will be the focus of the following terms:

Summer 1: Generosity

Summer 2: Truthfulness

Autumn 1: Compassion

Autumn 2: Courage

Spring 1: Friendship

Spring 2: Perseverance


Value Ambassadors

Each half term, a ‘Value Ambassador’ is chosen in each class. These pupils have the job to monitor how far our school’s vision and values can be seen within their classroom. They are expected to report their observations back to the class teacher and Headteacher, as well as help out in some worship sessions.


Reverend Reggie

Reverend Reggie is our values mascot in school. He is always on the lookout to try to find examples of pupils behaving in accordance to our values and in line with the Christian ethos of the school. He may spend weekends and holidays with carefully chosen pupils to help them to identify values in their lives outside of school. Of course, he will then report what he sees outside of school, with the help of the pupils he stays with, back to the rest of the school. We hope that all of the members of our school community enjoy learning about our new values in school!