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Welcome toSt John's CE (C) Primary SchoolEvery Challenge Met Together

School Production

This year's end of year production is 'Pantastic'. An adaptation of Peter Pan. 

Your help with costumes would be greatly appreciated please. Roles have been given to pupils.

Lost Boys

a)      Boys who used to live in our world but got “lost” and ended up in Neverland.

b)      They will be dirty and dishevelled as they have no mother to look after them

c)      Clothes

- The clothes they were wearing when they left our world (trousers/shirts etc) but they will be torn, dirty and ripped after their adventures in Neverland

- Clothes inspired by the Neverland environment: lots of greens and browns, leaf designs and motifs, twigs, dirty, tattered & torn


a)      The original inhabitants of Neverland

b)      Clothes

-    Clothes inspired by the environment: leaves, feathers etc but much more colourful

-     Natives will be clean and well-groomed unlike the Lost Boys

-     Interesting face paint designs

-     Bare feet


Traditional pirate costumes

a)      Red/white or blue/white striped shirts or just plain white

b)      Dark trousers

c)      Broad belts/big buckles

d)      Boots

e)      Tri-cornered hats

f)       Head scarves

g)      Waistcoats

h)      Eye patches

i)        Missing teeth

j)        Cutlass