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Times Tables

Times Tables


Times times weave their thread throughout the Mathematics curriculum and extend beyond mastering a selection of key facts.  For example, being able to understand 3 x 2 and the structure behind this in Year 2 can then help children to understand questions such as 0.3 x 2 and 3.2 x 20 in Year 5 and Year 6.  The National Curriculum stipulates that children must be fluent in all tables up x 12 by the end of Year 4 and we also undertake the national Multiplication Tables Check (MTC) in Year 4 to give a clear picture of development ahead of the move up to Year 5.


Tables can be learned in a variety of ways.  Some children enjoy the repetitious nature of rote learning, others progress through pattern spotting and some even enjoy a good old sing song to boost their learning!  There is no 'one-size-fits-all' approach however at St John's we understand the need for daily practice through chanting, exploring patterns and identifying commutativity (the fact that 4 x 3 also has the same product as 3 x 4).


We also subscribe to Times Tables Rockstars, an interactive Virtual Learning Environment where children can adopt their own rock star persona and earn rewards through success and breaking through learning hurdles.  Each KS2 child has their own personal log-in (ask your child's teacher if they have mislaid their details and they'll be happy to help).



Access Times Tables Rockstars Here


Not all useful websites need are subscription based.  Here is a selection of other websites to assist your child with their times tables development.

A really useful website that offers a stepped approach to learning times tables 1 - 12.



The Topmarks website offers a variety of games to help with recall speed however it doesn't provide a clear structure and pathway for development.  Useful for children who want to work on recalling facts in under 6 seconds.