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Week 11 Beginning 1st June

Lighthouse Keeper's Picnic Story Map Retell

English 5.6.2020

Lighthouse Keeper's Picnic Retell Instructions

Story Time: The Lighthouse Keeper's Picnic

Please enjoy this latest instalment of Lighthouse Story Time! Watch the video below to join Lighthouse Keeper Mr. Grinling on a foodie adventure.

Maths - 5.6.2020: My Number is...

If you don't fancy a go on Friday's Math's Challenge. - have a go at the My Number is challenge....

Today's Number choices are...         14             21               36               53

French Friday - 5.6.2020: Greetings and Numbers

In this lesson let's learn some basic greetings and numbers in French. 

Click on the picture of the French flag.

English - 4.6.2020: What are suffixes?

Year 1 need to recognise suffixes such as 'ing' and 'ed' when they are added on to the end of the words.

Click on the picture below and you'll go to the BBC Bitesize lesson and learn to understand what suffixes are, be able to identify them in words and start using them in your writing.

This is a Year 1 & 2 lesson so it will be a little tricky but give it your best go and I'm sure you'll do great!

Phonics 4 6 2020

oo and /y/oo alternative spellings 2

Phonics - 4.6.2020: oo and /y/oo Phoneme Alternative Spelling sentences

Watch the video above; play the Word Sort game on phonics play and then have a go at reading these sentences.


Phonics 3.6.2020

oo & /y/oo Alternative Spellings

Hallway Laser Maze

Fancy some fun in the house while it rains - why not act like a spy and use string or toilet paper to create a hallway laser maze... Try to not touch the string!

Ask your parents if this is ok before you have a go.


A Message from Mr Price

Maths - 1.6.2020-5.6.2020: Add by making 10

Click on one of the pictures below to WhiteRoseMaths Summer Term - Week 4 (w/c 11th May)

Watch the videos and complete the activities which I added below as documents, as they are no longer accessible through the website.

Phonics - 3.6.2020: Alternative Spellings for the oo & /y/oo phoneme

Click on the picture below to go to Phase 5 of the NEW Phonics Play website - works on computers, laptops, tablets and Ipads.


Click on the picture below to go to Phase 5 of the OLD phonics play website - works on computers and laptops only!

Science 3.6.2020: Habitats of the world

Click on the picture below to go to the BBC Bitesize lesson and learn about the different habitats from around the world.

English - 2.6.2020: Writing Command Sentences

Sometimes we all like to be a bit bossy and tell people what to do. When we tell people to do something, we are giving them a command.


Click on the picture below to go to the BBC Bitesize lesson and learn how to spot and write command sentences.

Here's Mr Price's example of a command sentence:

Wash your hands for 20 seconds please.

Geography - 2.6.2020: Introduction to South America - Brazil

Click on the picture of the Brazil flag to go to the BBC Bitesize

lesson on the country Brazil and the Continent of South America.


This week's Maths' and SPAG (English) Mats. There is no easy to avoid children choosing the easy option

English - 1.6.2020: Reading

Click on the picture below to go to the BBC Bitesize English lesson:

Using the book Attack of the Demon Dinner Ladies you will learn how to get information from a text, sequence events and write an advice bubble.