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Week 12 Beginning 8th June

English 12.6.2020

Creating your own Lighthouse Keeper's Adventure

Here's an example of a finish story map for a story about Hamish and then a blank one to give you an idea of what it will look like...

Maths - 12.6.2020: Position and direction in football

Learn to describe position and directions.

Help find some football equipment, before taking on the role of players and managers to practise following and giving instructions.

Art - 12.6.2020: Sculpture

Click on the picture below to go to the BBC lesson and get inspiration for making your very own sculpture.

Spanish - 12.6.2020: Learn to count to twelve in Spanish

We are getting all Continental in Year 1.

First we are learning 1 to 10 in French and now here's our chance to learn to count to 12 in Spanish. 

Click on the flag and go to the BBC Bitesize Lesson in Year 1.

Maths - 11.6.2020: Comparing lengths at home, or in the garden, or anywhere really

On Tuesday, we compared the lengths of sticks in the forest school so why don't you compare the length of some of the objects around the house.

Language to use:

short, shorter & shortest

tall, taller and tallest

long, longer and longest

wide, wider and widest


Try to avoid using the term bigger as it is not a mathematical term in relation to length and width

Maths - 8.6.2020-12.6.2020: Compare length and height

Click on one of the pictures below to WhiteRoseMaths Summer Term - Week 5 (w/c 18th May)

Watch the videos and complete the activities which I added below as documents, as they are no longer accessible through the website.


English - 11.6.2020: The Lighthouse Keeper's Catastrophe

Please watch, listen and read along to this exciting Mr Grinling story!

When you've watched it - try to retell the story to a family member.

Phonics - 11.6.2020: Alternatives Spellings for the oo phoneme

Use your phonics to have a go at writing these /oo/ words using the spellings given to you...

PSHE - 10.6.2020: We Are All Different

At St. John's we know it's important to recognise that all people are different for lots of reasons.

Click on the video to watch, listen and read along to an e-book that explains and celebrates the difference and diversity in our school, community and world.

I have digital copies of the e-book which I can email to anyone should you want it - however, it is too large to post on the website.

Mr Price

English - 10.6.2020: Writing questions Correctly

Click on the picture below to write questions and identify them in writing...

Then could you write some questions for your favourite book character?


 Why did you decide to open a chocolate factory Mr Wonka?


Why are you so nasty and unkind to the children in your school Miss Trunchbull? 

Geography - 10.6.2020: Introduction to North America - San Francisco

Click on the American flag to learn about the city of San Francisco and the wider continent of North America.

Phonics - 10.6.2020 - Revision

Keep practising and revisiting the alternative spellings for the oo and /y/oo phoneme or just any of the phonics we have been learning over the last few months.


Click on the pictures below to go to PhonicsPlay

Or go the Wandle English Phonics lessons which are individual videos for a range of Year 1 phonemes.

I will be introduce the next phoneme on Monday and Tuesday & then give the class work to take home with them and continue to practice it for the rest of the week.

Science - 10.6.2020: Squashing, bending, twisting and stretching

Click on the picture below to go to the BBC Bitesize Science lesson and learn how to squash, bend, twist and stretch materials.


Phonics 9.6.2020

oo/ and /y/oo alternative spellings 3

You'll need a pencil and paper for this activity.

Design and Technology - 8.5.2020: Packaging

Click on the picture below to the go this BBC Bitesize lesson and learn the basics of product packaging design and production.

French - 8.6.2020: Greetings and Numbers

Another chance to take part in Friday's French lesson, where you'll learn some basic greetings and numbers. 

Click on the picture of the French flag.



Phonics 8.6.2020

/n/ alternative spellings

You'll need a pencil and paper for this as the activity is included within the video.

ATTENTION - My Microphone is a little loud and fuzzy so you might want to turn the volume down a little. Sorry - I will fix this for my next video

Phonics - 8.6.2020: Sentences to read after watching the video above ^

Lighthouse Keeper's Picnic Story Map Retell

English 8.6.2020 - Repeat of Friday's English

Another chance to watch Friday's Lighthouse Keeper's Retell Instructions if you didn't get chance to do it

English - The Lighthouse Keeper's Picnic

Another chance to watch and listen to the Lighthouse Keeper's Picnic being read.