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Week 13 Beginning 15th June

Computing 19.6.2020: Using the Web safely

Click on the picture to learn how to stay safe online.


Maths - 19.6.2020: My Number Is...

Today's numbers to choose from are.....      13,        26,          34,      or     49

Rain Gauge update 19 June 2020

Phonics 19.6.2020

alternative spellings for the ow phoneme

Have a look at the best bet below for the /ow/ sound before you have a go at the spellings as this will help you.

When you're done see if you can read the sentences below.

Best Bet for spelling the /ow/ sound

/ow/ sentences to read


18.6.2020: Maths worksheets on Capacity and weight

English - 18.6.2020: Describing words in adverts

Take a break from Mr Grinling and click on the link to go to the BBC Bitesize lesson to learn how to identify describing words (adjectives) and use them in your writing.

Weather 18.6.2020

Rain Gauge

Click on the link to learn how to make your own:


Rain Gauge 


Wind Vane


Thermometer Box


Maths - 15.6.2020-19.6.2020: Mass and Capacity

Click on one of the pictures below to WhiteRoseMaths Summer Term - Week 6 (w/c 1st June)

Watch the videos and complete the activities which I added below as documents, as they are no longer accessible through the website.

Phonics - 18.6.2020 : Revision & /are/ as in square

Watch this lesson to revise previous work & learn about the /are/ as in sqaure.

Design and Technology - 18.6.2020: Repeat Pattern Making

Click on the link to learn the basics of repeat pattern making.

Don't forget to send a picture of the pattern you make to Mr Price.

Phonics 17.6.2020 - alternative spellings for the /ow/ sound

Have a look around the house, garden or local area for words which use:


ow         ou        ough


and stick a post-it note in them.




Phonics 16.6.2020

Alternative spellings for the /ow/ phoneme Part 2

English 17.6.2020

Edit and Improve your work and Practice saying your story

Geography - 17.6.2020: Introduction to Antarctica 

Learn about Antarctica and where to find it on our planet.

Science 17.6.2020: Parts of the body and Senses

Click on the picture to go to the BBC Bitesize lesson and learn about the human body and our senses.

Maths - 17.6.2020: Measuring Weight and volume

We have completed the WhiteRose Maths for Monday & Tuesday in class and some of the class have even completed Wednesday and Thursday's worksheets- so please check with your child.


If you fancy a change of pace - why not get out the measuring jugs at home or the scales. Have a go at weighing items at home and measuring out liquids.

You can compare the weight of objects, food or anything and see which are heavier or lighter. 


Measure out glasses or bottles and see which have more or less in them. Which bottles/jugs/glasses are full; half full; almost full; almost empty or empty.

English 16.5.2020

Writing the Middle of your own Lighthouse Keeper's Adventure

History - 16.5.2020: Florence Nightingale

Click on the picture below to learn about the life, actions and achievements of Florence Nightingale who was a famous nurses who helped heel hundreds of soldiers during the Crimean War.

Click on the picture to go to the Alternative Spellings for the /ow/ phoneme area of Phonicsplay

- this link now works on all tech!


English 15.6.2020

Writing the opening to your own Lighthouse Keeper's Adventure

The Lighthouse Keeper's Story Opening Word Bank and Success Ladder


Phonics 15.6.2020

Alternative Spellings for /ow/ phoneme

This week's Maths and SPAG (English) Mats

Spanish - 15.6.2020: Learn to count to twelve in Spanish (Repeat from Friday)

We are getting all Continental in Year 1.

First we are learning 1 to 10 in French and now here's our chance to learn to count to 12 in Spanish. 

Click on the flag and go to the BBC Bitesize Lesson in Year 1.