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Week 17 Beginning 13th June

Maths - 17.7.2020: My Number is...

Today's numbers are...               25              39            46            61

Choose one of the numbers and complete the questions below:

Food Technology - 17.7.2020: Create your own Frozen Yoghurt Ice Cream

Click on the picture and learn how to make frozen yoghurt flavoured with different fruits.



English - 17.7.2020: Bitesize Daily Book Club - Create your own book cover!

Click on the picture below to go to the BBC Bitesize lesson where you will use the books Daisy and the Trouble with LifeCyril and Pat and Cake you will create your own book cover and characters.




English - 16.7.2020: What makes good Characters?

Click on this picture to learn to identify characters in stories and come up with your own characters to include in your own story!


Dance - 16.7.2020: The Nutcracker - Snowflake Symmetry

In this lesson, you’re going to create a dance inspired by the symmetry of the dancing snowflakes in The Nutcracker.

A symmetrical shape is one which is the same on both sides.


Phonics - 15.7.2020: Alternative spellings for /air/

Mr Thorne will teach you all the alternative spellings for the /air/ phoneme. Then have a go at either the phoneme spotter or word sort underneath... or play them online on PhonicsPlay

Maths - 13.7.2020-17.6.2020: Ordering Numbers and Recognising Money

Click on one of the pictures below to WhiteRoseMaths Summer Term - Week 10 (w/c 29nd June)

Watch the videos and complete the activities which I added below as documents, as they are no longer accessible through the website.

RE - 15.7.2020: Daniel and the Lions

Watch the video to learn about Daniel and his ability to understand dreams.

Daniel and the Lion's Den Story Board - watch the video and retell the story

Science & PE - 15.7.2020: How science can be found in sport

Click on the picture to learn the basics of how science can be applied to sports, such as cricket.



English - 15.7.2020: What is a story?

Click on the pictures to learn what stories are and understand that they can be split up in to sections; a beginning, middle and an end.


English - 14.7.2020: Life in Year 1 Comic Strip

We are going to create a Comic strip to recall some of our favourite events from Year 1.

Draw some pictures of your favourite events and write a sentence or two about them at the bottom. Explain what you did, your feelings and what you liked about it.


Remember, those sentences still need:

- a capital letter

- a full stop

- make sense


There are 2 different comic strips attached as documents for you to use underneath - one landscape and one portrait.


P.E - 14.7.2020: Fundamentals of Movement

Click on the picture below to learn about the fundamentals of movement. Practise finding out about different ways your body moves with different activities.



Monday's Phonics Lesson

Alternative spellings for /s/ phoneme Quick-write

Science 13.7.2020: Faster, further, higher

Click on this link to learn how to make a fair test using observation and enquiry skills.

There's a video to watch and 2 really fun activities for you to do!