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Week 7 Beginning 4th May

English 7.5.2020 & 8.5.2020

What does Mr Grinling have in his pocket?

English - What does Mr Grinling have in his pocket?

7.5.2020 PE - School Games Competition: Rebound

Get involved in a School Game's competition against other local schools by playing Rebound. Watch the video and then add your details and score to the link below.

Phonics 7.5.2020 & 8.5.2020

/igh/ Alternative Spellings

igh alternative spellings games


Click on this picture to go to the game on NEW PHONICS PLAY for computers, tablets and Ipads.


Click on this picture to go to the game on OLD PHONICS PLAY for computers only.


History - 6.5.2020: VE Day!

Click the picture below to learn a little about VE Day.

This video is aimed at Key Stage 2 Children but is the best video I've seen and won't be too hard for Year 1 to understand.

Art & Crafts - How to make VE Day bunting

Have a go at making your own VE Day bunting to decorate your house and celebrate the 75th Anniversary of VE Day!

English - 5.5.2020: The Lighthouse Keeper's Rescue

Mr. Grinling the Lighthouse Keeper is getting on a bit... Now his job might be on the line. But when a whale gets washed up on their beach, cometh the hour, ...

Maths - 6.5.2020: My Number is...

If you fancy a break from the WhiteRoseMaths work then have a go at My Number is...


Today's numbers to choose from are.......             14          or       29         or        36         or     42

Maths - 4.5.2020 - 8.5.2020: Making doubles and Equal Groups.

Click on the pictures below and go to Summer Term - Week 1 (w/c 20th).

Follow the daily lessons - there are videos to watch and then activities for you to complete.


Phonics 5.5.2020

ee alternative spellings

English 5.5.2020: Lighthouse Keeper's Rescue

Write a letter to the Inspector of the Lighthouses.
Key words:
Dear Inspector of the Lighthouses
sorry extremely forgive

Here's Mr Price's start to his letter for The Inspector of the Lighthouses.

Mrs. Shann's VE Day Anniversary Competition

Science - 4.5.2020: Labelling the parts of a plant!

Phonics 4.5.2020

ch Alternative spellings

Phonics - 4.5.2020: ch alternative spellings

Watch the video above and then click on the picture to take you to each game.



Or have a go at your own ch alternative spellings sentences

Music - 4.5.2020: Rhythm 

Click on the picture below and learn about rhythm by clapping and using your body.

English - 4.5.2020: Creating sentences with description

Click on the picture to go the BBC Bitesize lesson on Creating sentences with description - watch the videos and have a go at the activity.

Don't forget to write the Date and Title in your work book!

We'll go back to Mr Grinling and his lighthouse tomorrow.