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Week 9 Beginning 18th May

PSHE - 20.5.2020: Mental Health Awareness Week

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week so click on the picture below to go to the BBC Bitesize on The Importance of Being Kind.

Geography - 22.5.2020: Introduction to Oceania/Australasia - Australia

Click on the picture Australian flag and go to the BBC Bitesize lesson on Oceania & Australia.

Watch the videos and take part in the activities.

Maths - 18.5.2020-23.5.2020: Part-Part-Whole Relationships.

Click on one of the pics below to WhiteRoseMaths Summer Term - Week 3 (w/c 4th May).

Watch the videos and complete an activity each day.


Music - 22.5.2020: Make Music from Jam Jars

Click on the picture below to watch some fun videos and learn how to use make music from objects found at home.

English - 21.5.2020: The Lighthouse Keeper's Cat

Mr. and Mrs. Grinling's beloved cat, Hamish, hears worrying news about a diet and isn't impressed, and thinks about finding somewhere else to live... He soon...

English 21.5.2020

Watch the video above about the Lighthouse Keeper's Cat then have a go at:
- Writing the start to your own Lighthouse Keeper's Story
Don't forget to talk about your ideas with a family member before you start
Use the word mat below to help you with spellings...

English - 21.5.2020: Writing the start to your own Lighthouse Keeper Story

Computing - 21.5.2020: How Games Work?

Click on the picture below to go to the BBC Bitesize Computing lesson and Learn all about what goes into making a computer game and how algorithms work.


Phonics 22.5.2020

A quick phonics lesson /m/ alternative spellings

Forest School - 18.5.2020: Build your own Minibeast Hotel

Why not watch this video to learn how you can make your very own bug hotel for your garden invertebrates!
Don't forget to take a picture of your finish Minibeast Hotel!

Forest School - 18.5.2020: Examples of Minibeast Hotels

Science - 20.5.2020: Forces

Click on the picture below to go the BBC Bitesize Science lesson to learn about the basic forces of push, pull and twist.



If you want to take a break from the WhiteRose Maths...

...Have a go at a My Number is.... activity.

Your numbers to choose from are 14, 27, 35 or 51

oa ow o oe - Alternative Spellings

A final reminder from Mr Thorne of the alternatives for spelling the /oa/ phoneme

Phonics - 19.5.2020: /oa/ Alternative Spellings

Once you've watched the video above have a go at the /oa/ alternative spellings Word Sort game on PhonicsPlay. 

Click on the picture below to go to the NEW PhonicsPlay for computers, tablets and Ipads.



Click on the picture below to go to the old PhonicsPlay for computers & laptops.


Once you've had a go at the /oa/ Word Sort game... Have a go at reading these 3 sentences which are full of words that use all the alternatives for spelling the /oa/ phoneme.

English 19.5.2020

Writing Lighthouse Keeper sentences that use an exclamation mark!
Exclamation Marks go at the end of sentences instead of a full stop.
You use them when you want your character to be loud or speak strongly or use expression!

English - 19.5.2020: Exclamation Marks

If you haven't already done this lesson - Click on the picture below to go to the BBC Bitesize lesson on Exclamation marks and rewatch the video to learn about exclamation marks.

Here are Mr Price's examples of some Lighthouse Keeper sentences using Exclamation Marks..

Phonics 19.5.2020

/oa/ alternative spellings Lesson 3

English - 18.5.2020: Using Exclamation Marks

Just incase you didn't get chance to complete Friday's English lesson on Exclamation Marks.

Click on the picture to go to the BBC Bitesize lesson on using exclamation marks in sentences. 

Watch the videos and have a go at the activities.


Geography - 18.5.2020: Introduction to Asia - China

Click on the flag of China to go to the BBC Bitesize Geography lesson.

There are videos and activities to complete.

Learn about Shanghai - its culture, buildings and transport including an introduction to the country of China and the wider continent of Asia.

Phonics 18.5.2020

/oa/ Alternative Spellings video again...
Watch Friday's phonics' video and then have a go a the phoneme spotter and then if you're done with that, have a go at the phoneme writer.

Phonics - 18.5.2020: /oa/ alternative spellings

Once you've watched Friday's phonics' video again, have a go at either the Menu Phoneme Spotter or the Alternative Spellings Pictures worksheet.

The /oa/ Menu Phoneme Spotter activity is explained in the video

In the /oa/ Alternative Spellings Pictures worksheet have a go at writing what is in each picture - you've been given the correct alternative spelling for the /oa/ phoneme at the top of the column.


A copy of each document is below if you would like to print them off.