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Week 4 Beginning 13th April

Maths - Capacity 14.4.2020

Click on the link below and it will take you to a website with videos to teach you and work to complete after.

Start on Week 1, Lesson 1 and then work through each of Week 1's lessons each day.


Let me know how you get on.

Mr Price

Phonics 14.4.2020

Keep practising Phase 5 Phonics over the next few days ready for some new phonics on Monday.
Good Luck Year 1

This week's Maths & SPAG (English) Mats

Art & Well Being - 14.4.2020

Have a go at painting a rainbow pebble or stone; or paint your own design on it; or put a happy message on it. Then leave it in a safe place in your neighbourhood on your daily walk for people to find. It'll help brighten up your local community and let people know


If you put a Twitter or Facebook image and St. John's Primary School Wetley Rocks on the back of it, people may take a picture of it and let us know they've seen it.


Good Luck Year 1

Science & Forest School: Mini-beast bug hunt - 13.4.2020

Why don't you go on a bug hunt around your garden or on a walk with your family. See if you can spot all the mini-beast below or add your own if you like. 

A PDF copy of the above picture if you'd like to print it off to use to spot mini-beast,