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Welcome toSt John's CE (C) Primary SchoolEvery Challenge Met Together

Week 1 Beginning 23rd March

Art         27.3.2020

Have a go at some shadow art by drawing the shadow an object creates on a piece of paper.

Then draw the details of the object and colour it in for some great Shadow Art.


Good Luck and enjoy Year 1

Maths 27.3.2020

1 and 2 digit Subtraction using place value objects.

Subtraction of 1 and 2 digit numbers using place value objects

Watch the video above and then choose a column (Red, Amber, Green) that you feel confident on to start with - you don't have to do them all.             When you complete that column move onto the next column along --> working from left to right.

You only need to complete 2 or 3 columns at most.

Physical and Human geography 26 3 2020

Identifying examples of Physical and Human Geography in your Local Area

Science 25.3.2020

Science Garden Material Sort
Material Categories: Wood Metal Stone Plastic Plant Rubber

English Writing 25.3.2020

Adding adjectives and more detail to improve and extend a Sentence

Here's a copy of the picture to help inspire you and your word bank is:      boy       cloud    mountain    lonely

Maths 24.3.2020

Addition using place value objects

Phonics 24.3.2020

Y alternative pronunciation - Sorry - I missed reading some of the words from the first pronunications. Y as in yell, yellow, yes, yeti and yuck.

Maths 23.3.2020

Place Value with objects around the house

Phonics 23.3.2020

Phonics lesson a alternative pronunciation