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Week 2 Beginning 30th March

Indoor Scavenger Hunt 3.4.2020

Play on your own;           Play as a team with your family;               Play against your family.

Enjoy & have fun! Mr Price

Indoor Scavenger Hunt 3.4.2020

Phonics 3.4.2020: OU grapheme Alternative-Pronunciation - Roll & read. 1.Find a partner to play against. 2. Roll a dice. 3. Read the word the number lands on. If you read the word correctly, you get to keep the word. 4. Most words read correctly wins! Year 1 know how to play this game!

P.E 3.4.2020

Throwing and catching Part 2

English 30.3.2020 - 3.3.2020: "SpyFox" - by Team SpyFox

When the world is threatened by an evil hammerhead shark bent on flooding the world, it"s up to SpyFox to stop him and save the world!

Watch this video of Spyfox and then choose 2/3/4 of the tasks below to complete over the next 3 or 4 days. I'll post a few examples of some ideas in picture form throughout the week.

- Children could retell the story.
- Draw a 1 or several of the characters and create a character description. Remember to write about their personality and appearance. Fill it with ADJECTIVES!
- Create a Wanted Poster for the evil Dr Hammer or a new evil villian which includes a drawing and a detailed description of their appearance and personality which is full of adjectives.
- Act out the next adventure of Spy Fox. Get your family to pretend to be other characters in the story, such as the evil Dr Hammerhead and video it or take pictures and send them in to Mr Price - I'll add them to the website.
- Write the next adventure of Spy Fox using a different wild animal as the villain and including silly henchmen. What about a huge Ape - like King Louis in The Jungle Book - with cheeky monkey helpers.
- Create a newspaper report for the events outlined in the film.
- Design a 'Bond-like' gadget that Spy Fox could use in his missions and label it. When might he use it?

Word bank:
evil spy Dr Hammerhead disaster mission

Spy Fox

Here is an example of a Spy Fox and Dr Hammerhead character description. I've labelled the picture of Dr Hammerhead with adjectives to begin with before writing about him.


maths 2.4.2020 & 3.4.2020

Division by Sharing

Division is one of the hardest concepts for pupils to learn in Year 1. I fully recommend you do this activity in the practical method using by sharing objects between toy dolls/figures/cups etc & take your time over it.
There is no need to complete every column in 1 go, as I won't be adding any more maths this week.
Children may find this concept challenging so I appreciate all of your efforts and support in trying to teach this area. If they 'hit a brick-wall' please don't worry. It is a concept that will certainly be covered again during their time in school.


Mr Price

Maths 2.4.2020 & 3.4.2020:          Division through sharing 

Watch the above video and choose a to start on either the Hard or Harder column & then move onto the next column along when you are done.

P.E. 1.4.2020

Throwing and catching

Mrs Shann's Circus Competition

Science - Complete this at any point this week


Draw around your body with chalk or on a large piece of paper if you have one.

Or just draw the outline of a person in your book.


Add details to the drawing and label the parts of body.

head, eyes, legs, feet etc

Or write on post-its and stick them on yourself or a family member.


Then get a family member to take a photo of you.

Good Luck Year 1


Phonics 1.4.2020

'ou' Grapheme Alternative Pronunciations

Phonics 'ou' alternative pronunciations Comic Strip 1.4.2020

Don't forget to relax and enjoy yourself Year 1, just like Mr Price is here.


Congratulations to Lola and her family as Lola's baby sister was born this week. Baby Franki was born on Saturday 28th and Mum and baby are doing very well.  I'm sure Lola will be a great big sister & I know all of Year 1 will look forward to meeting baby Franki as soon as we are back in school.

Maths 31.3.2020/1.4.2020

Multiplication using arrays.
Complete this as another way to help solve multiplication problems.

Multiplication using arrays 31.3.2020/ 1.4.2020

Watch the video above and choose a column you feel confident to complete. Once you've completed it move onto the next column along from left to right. DON'T do too many!

Phonics 31.3.2020

Keep working on the alternative pronunciations of the 'ch' grapheme as it's a bit of a tricky one. Here are some examples below:

Why not look at around your house/garden to see if you can find words that contain some of the alternative ways of pronouncing the 'ch' grapheme - you could stick a sticky note on them with the correct spelling, like I've done underneath.

I'll post the next phonics lesson tonight but keep practising what we've already been covering.

Doubling 31.3.2020


  1. Find double of objects or amounts of objects around the house - take some pictures if you like
  2. Then complete the activities below:

Draw an array (pictures/dots) to help you & carry on the table to doubles of 20 if you like.


Then have a go at answering this question below


More multiplication - 31.3.2020


After you've finished the Multiplication from yesterday - here are some word problems which you could complete using multiplication.

Forest School:  30.3.2020

Build a shelter or den - indoors or out. Get your family to help

Remember a den should:

  1. Keep you safe from danger
  2. Protect you from weather - rain and too much sun
  3. Is it big enough for everyone who wants to use it. Is it big enough to stand up in? Can you lie down in it with your whole body in it?
  4. Be comfortable - add cushions, pillows
  5. Keep important things off the ground so they don't get wet - create a table.

Phonics 30.3.2020

ch grapheme Alternative Pronunciations

Phonics - 30.3.2020 ch grapheme alternative pronunciations

Maths 30.3.2020

Multiplication using objects/counters/pictures
Just to prepare you - it's a bit of a long video!

Maths - Multiplication 30.3.2020 


Watch the video above and choose a column you feel confident to complete. Once you've completed it move onto the next column along from left to right.

Remember to write out your number sentence in the book. Draw your groups in your book or use practical apparatus from home.




Multiplication worksheets

R.E. 30.3.2020

The Story of Easter - The Beginners Bible
Watch this video of the story of Easter then retell the story on a story arc...
Be prepared - it is a bit of a long video - there are of course shorter versions on youtube if you are short of time.

R.E -        Watch the Easter Story Video above


Create a story arc in your book. Use as many pictures and words as you like to help you remember the story. Here is my example to help get you started:

Then retell the story to a family member and try to include as much detail as possible.