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Week 3 Beginning 6th April

Cool Science Experiments to try at Home 9.4.2020

Below are the instructions on how to make and complete 5 fun Science experiments.


Why not have a go at one of them with your parents.


Good luck Year 1.


Easter Themed Crafts 9.4.2020

If you need to find something to do with all those finished toilet and kitchen rolls you have around the house then why don't you use them to make some Easter themed creative crafts.

Here are some ideas:




Good Luck Year 1 - let me know how you get on!


English 7.4.2020 - Where The Wild Things Are

Here's a video of my favourite book from when Mr Price was young - Where The Wild Things Are!

Watch the video and then draw your own Wild Thing!

English 9.4.2020 - Where The Wild Things Went Next...

After the story ends, The Wild Things are missing Max so they decide to visit him at his house.

Can you write about their visit to see Max?

Here is my example...

Good Luck Year 1 - Let me know how you get on!

English 7.4.2020 - Where The Wild Things Are


Watch the above Where The Wild Things Are video above.

Then you could draw your own Wild Thing and label it with adjectives.

Division through sharing 7.4.2020

If you haven't already finished off last week's division through sharing work. Here is the work....

There is a video on last week's thread which will explain everything to you. Here are some word questions if you have completed them.


This week's Maths & SPAG (English) Mats


Congratulations to Freddie, Frankie and family on a new baby girl in the family! Baby Florence Peaches was born on Friday 3rd April and Mum and baby are doing well!

I'm sure Freddie and Frankie will be a great big brothers & I know all of Year 1 will look forward to meeting baby Florence as soon as we are back in school.

English - Reading 6.4.2020

Find a cool, unique and unusual place to read a book and snap a picture of it and email it into Mr Price.

Maybe even write about why you like reading there too.

Math's 6.4.2020

Choose any number you like and complete this grid in your maths book.

I am asking you to:

  1. draw the number.
  2. write the number in words
  3. use it in 3 number sentences
  4. find it in the real world


Here's my example

Let me know how you get on Year 1.