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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5

Autumn Term 2019

What a great week we've had! By the end of our "wellbeing week" we had lots of heartfelt and calming activities on the go! Together with the activities in the slideshow, we've learned to speak Makaton, met a hedgehog called Errol, stretched our bodies into cool Yoga positions and experimented with glittery "germs" to find out where they can hide between our fingers before we wash them clean away! A big thank you to all our visitors this week, who have helped bring learning to life!

We've had a very busy term learning all about life in WW2. We studied the causes of the war and found out about the effects that the Battle of Britain had on every day life. We are very proud of our display, which has a WW2 theme, and includes cross curricular work. You can see our posters that contain common WW2 phrases, some taken from the book we read: "Letters from the Lighthouse". We used a variety of art media, such as chalks, oil pastels, pencils and wax crayons, You can also see model Anderson shelters and our DT/Science project: Periscopes. looking forward to our next exciting topic in 2020!!

Christmas crafting! We all designed a dolly peg elf or fairy tree decoration and thoroughly enjoyed making our creations out of felt, pipe cleaners and tissue paper! Merry Christmas to you all, love from Year 5! x

Spring Term 2020

We had fun in our first PE lesson of the year; working in pairs to form gymnastic body positions!

Fitness Afternoon! We had some help from Moorside staff and pupils to get sporty and fit. Great fun was had by all!