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At St John’s, we use the White Rose Education Mathematics Scheme to support and scaffold the children’s mathematical thinking, knowledge and progression of skills from Y1 to Y6. White Rose Maths uses a Maths Mastery approach and ensures consistency across year groups in terms of building mathematical understanding of representation, vocabulary and the structure of mathematics.  Our aim is to enable our children to gain mathematical fluency and a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts.

Our intent for our Mathematics curriculum is outlined in the below documents, along with our children’s mathematical journey through the school.

Mathematics Intent, Implementation and Impact

Mathematics Curriculum Roadmap

NCETM Mathematics Hub Engagement




To aid the ongoing development of Mathematics in school, our Reception, Y1 and Y2 teaching staff and our school Mathematics Subject Leader are all working with our local NCETM Maths Hub.  This year, one of our primary aims is to develop the use of Mastering Number as an additional daily Mathematics session for our EYFS, Y1 and Y2 children to increase number sense and number fact fluency.

Long-Term Overview

Our Mathematics curriculum is sequenced in blocks of learning to enable time to be spent studying mathematical concepts in depth.  Our curriculum is mapped out from age 3 (our Nursery class) to age 11 (our Year 6 class).

Maths Long Term Overview

Early Years Foundation Stage

In our Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), our children experience a daily, teacher-led Mathematics session following the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics’ (NCETM) Mastering Number scheme.  This addresses the vital Number areas of the Development Matters curriculum guidance for Reception.

Mastering Number Reception Weekly Overview

Other areas of the Reception Mathematics curriculum – pattern, shape & space and measure – are delivered following NCETM guidance.

NCETM – Early Years

The progression from EYFS to KS1 and Year 1 is a vitally important time and the links between the two age categories are made clear in this document.

EYFS Y1 Progression In Knowledge And Skills

Mastering Number – KS1

Mastering Number sessions continue into KS1, with teacher-led sessions for our Year 1 and Year 2 classes four times a week.  The aim of this scheme is that, over time, children will leave KS1 with fluency in calculation and a confidence and flexibility with number. Below is the long-term overview for this scheme.

Mastering Number Year 1 Overview

Mastering Number Year 2 Overview

Skills, Reasoning and Vocabulary

Skills, reasoning and vocabulary are also mapped out across the school to support our children with their ability to discuss their ideas using mathematically correct language as well as ensuring that our curriculum is progressive and builds on previous learning.

Number Place Value And Number Facts

Addition And Subtraction

Multiplication And Division

Fractions Inc Decimals And Percentages


Calculation Policies

As our medium term planning is guided by White Rose Maths, we also adopt their calculation policies to ensure that our teachers work in a way that matches what the pupils see when they access lesson resources.  Our ways of working with the four operations – what is taught, how it is taught and when it is introduced – is mapped out in these documents.

Addition And Subtraction Calculation Policy

Multiplication And Division Calculation Policy

Supporting Website and Apps

It is essential that children continue their mathematical journey at home as well as in school.  Below is a selection of websites that have been collated in order to best support pupils in their development in key areas of Mathematics.

Fluency in Number

White Rose Mathematics 1 Minute Maths – This can be accessed via an app or online through a browser.  A pupil access code can be obtained from your child’s class teacher.

Fluency in Times Tables and Associative Division Recall

Times Tables Rock Stars – Children in KS2 are all given a TT Rockstars username and password.  Using Times Tables Rockstars is a fun and effective way for your child to improve their speed and accuracy of recalling times table facts.
They can choose one of the following games:

Single Player

Garage – Best for getting quicker at a few facts.

Studio – The questions in the Studio can be anything from 1×1 up to 12×12. This is where they can improve their Rock Status!


Rock Arena – They can compete against other members of their band (class).

Rock Festival – They can compete against other TT Rockstars from across the world.

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