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At St John’s we use the White Rose Maths Scheme to support and scaffold the children’s mathematical thinking and knowledge. Our aim is to enable our children to gain mathematical fluency and understanding of mathematical concepts.

Maths Intent, Implementation and Impact

Long-Term Overview

Our Mathematics curriculum is sequenced in blocks of learning to enable time to be spent studying mathematical concepts in depth.  Our curriculum is mapped out from age 3 (our Nursery class) to age 11 (our Year 6 class).

Maths Long Term Overview

The progression from EYFS to KS1 and Year 1 is a vitally important time and the links between the two age categories are made clear in this document.

EYFS Y1 Progression In Knowledge And Skills

Skills, reasoning and vocabulary are also mapped out across the school to support our children with their ability to discuss their ideas using mathematically correct language as well as ensuring that our curriculum is progressive and builds on previous learning.

Number Place Value And Number Facts

Addition And Subtraction

Multiplication And Division

Fractions Inc Decimals And Percentages


Calculation Policies

As our medium term planning is guided by White Rose Maths, we also adopt their calculation policies to ensure that our teachers work in a way that matches what the pupils see when they access lesson resources.  Our ways of working with the four operations – what is taught, how it is taught and when it is introduced – is mapped out in these documents.

Addition And Subtraction Calculation Policy

Multiplication And Division Calculation Policy

How to help your child at home…

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