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Physical Education

Covid-19 PE Policy Update 2020-2021


The Government Covid-19 guidelines ask schools to avoid unnecessary changing where possible, so this year we continue to ask that pupils please come to school in their PE kit on the days they have have PE in school.


During PE lessons, we expect our children to wear black PE shorts and appropriate footwear, in line with school uniform policy. However, they may also choose to wear 'the outdoor PE Kit' during outdoor sessions to keep warm.  Outdoor P.E. kit consists of plain black tracksuit (or St John's school jumper) over their PE kit or throughout the school day and then remove their tracksuit layer during the actual session, where possible or if necessary.  A new St John's P.E. 'hoody' is now available from J.F.K. in Werrington.


We will endeavour for lessons to take place outside where possible; however, lessons will be moved indoors during inclement weather.



Covid-19 Updated PE Guidance

Physical Education


Physical Education at St John’s C.E. (C) Primary School is fun, energetic, inclusive and inspirational for all of our children!


The children at our school experience a variety of different sports throughout the curriculum and through enrichment opportunities. The children receive at least two hours of Physical Education lessons every week as part of their curriculum time. It is the vision of the school that all pupils leaving St John’s will be physically literate with the knowledge, skills and motivation necessary for a healthy lifestyle and lifelong participation in physical activity and sport.


Physical Education


KS1 children focus on developing fundamental movement skills and developing their understanding of how to participate in games, becoming more familiar with how to interact with each other socially alongside developing their physical skills.


KS2 children continue to develop, refine and apply their skills developed in KS1, linking them to actions and sequences of movement. Our KS2 children participate in Gymnastics, Dance, and Health Related Exercise units as well as a wide array of sports that act as vehicles for the children to develop their physical, social, emotional and thinking skills. Our Y3 and Y4 classes attend swimming lessons once a week for two terms and our Y5 and Y6 children will attend for a term to enable them to meet national end-of-KS2 swimming objectives.  


Each year, our Y6 class are taken out of the classroom environment and transported to Stanley Head OEC for a week to engage in Outdoor and Adventurous activity. During this week, our children consistently extend and challenge themselves and develop key team-work and life-skills.


Our teachers, and teaching, provide the children with role models and knowledge to enable them to make informed choices to lead healthy, active lives.


Physical Education Long-Term Overview



We offer our children a wide variety of extra-curricular sporting opportunities (competitive and non-competitive) when the national climate around health allows.