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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4! 

I'd like to welcome you to the Year 4 page. Please contact me anytime if you have any questions, concerns or issues. Many thanks. Mrs Poynton 

Email Mrs Poynton

Email Mrs Poynton

Life in Year 4...

Pentecost Pictures

Art linked to Oliver and the Sea Wigs

Flying around the USA.

Identifying how seeds are dispersed.

Nature Photographs

Stanley Head Team Building

Science Week Photos

Little Badman and the Radioactive Samosa Cartoons.

Scientific Drawings in Year 4.

Class Christmas Party.

Meeting Santa's Reindeer.


William Morris.

Learning about negative numbers.

Our poppy prayers.

Year 4 enjoying the new playground equipment.

Learning about shade and tint.


Year 4 have been learning about shade and tint.  Next week, we will be trying to improve our shading skills to demonstrate light and dark with pencils. 



Have you ever considered the path a droplet of water takes?

Thank you to ‘Safe and Sound’ for the reminders and new facts learned about keeping safe when we’re out and about.

Sending poems to those who are special to us ❤️

It may be wet in Forest School but that doesn't stop us. Expert survivalist!

Beautiful and thoughtful Harvest prayers.

It's 'Fluffy Friday'! Year 4 understand the importance of looking after their mental health. Don't forget World Mental Health Day October 10th!

What a lovely afternoon: learning how to create shades of colours whilst listening to the Beatles. Happy days

Need a secondary or tertiary colour mixing? Just ask year 4 because they're experts!

During Forest School, some pupils chose to: construct a huge bug hotel, build freestanding shelters and engineer bridges. There is no such thing as bed weather, it's what you do in it that counts!

Can you make a chocolate button into a chocolate square? You can with a bit of heat and a change of state!

Another fantastic Forest School session. Tallest Tower Challenge was won by team 2, 20 team points each! Clove hitch, shear lashing and square lashing used in craft activities and the Mud Kitchen was open for business yum.

Just when we needed him, he appears! A huge thank you to Steve for answering our questions about God and the creation story! So lovely to see him in our school again.

September: How quickly can you make an icecube melt? Year 4 investigate changes of state.

September: Fun in the sun up at the forest school using techniques to make webs

September 2020: Year 4 pupils reflect on our christian school values and add to last year's class cross for our reflective area.

9.9.20 / Science: If sugar can be poured and takes the shape of the container, is it a liquid or a solid? We've had some great scientific discussions today!

10.9.20 / Maths: How many different ways can you represent a number?